Gibson 100th Anniversary

12 guitars were issued in this series with only 100 of each
produced and distributed worldwide



Some features include:


Diamond dotting the "i" of Gibson on the headstock
Diamonds Inlayed in the volume & tone knobs
Gold 100th Anniversary Pick Logo on the Scratch Plate
Diamond encrusted "1" in the date on the Stop Tailpiece
Gold 100th Anniversary Medallion on the back of the Headstock
100th Anniversary Scroll on the twelfth fret
Embossed 100th Anniversary Case



Each guitar was allocated a year of the 100 years that Gibson made guitars
The model, colour, allocated year and production number for each guitar is listed below:


Les Paul Special Double Cutaway, Heritage Cherry, 1945, 1/100

Les Paul Standard, Vintage Sunburst, 1938, 12/100
Les Paul Standard, All Gold, 1964, 4/100
Les Paul Custom 3 P/up, Black, 1934,  13/100
SG Twin Neck 6/12, Black, 1910, 10/100
L5, Black, 1968, 14/100
ES335 Dot Neck, Cherry, 1908, 10/100
ES350, Vintage Sunburst, 1909, 5/100
ES345, Vintage Sunburst, 1961, 6/100
Explorer, All Gold, 1935, 6/100
Flying V, All Gold, 1959,  9/100
Firebird, Vintage Sunburst,  1944, 11/100





These guitars have been stored in their original packing boxes
from the Gibson factory since they arrived in Australia

Arrangements are currently being made to produce a
detailed photographic catalogue of this collection